Tom Hajek, RYT

Find Tom on Facebook There are natural ebbs and flows to life, and Tom was introduced to yoga at a time in his life when the tide had reach its lowest point. In 2005, while struggling in a twenty year battle with chronic pain, Tom was involved in a serious accident. As he began to learn to walk and move again, one of his doctors urged him to try yoga by giving him a Rodney Yee DVD. Tom’s daily practice made apparent, in an immediate fashion, the benefits of yoga’s physical postures. Slowly but steadily his strength and flexibility returned. As he began to drive again in 2010, he attended his first yoga class at a local gym and was hooked.

In early 2012 Tom, though mostly physically recovered from his back injury, he found himself still suffering terribly from the chronic pain condition. He attended his first class at Inner Balance, and quickly learned that the philosophy of yoga could heal his mind just as the asana had healed his body. Tom began a regular study under Gabrielle & Alma, and with their encouragement, began Yoga Teacher Training at The Yogascape with Amy Pearce-Hayden, from which he graduated in June 2013.

Tom is very excited to begin his journey as a yoga teacher here at Inner Balance, and share all that he has learned about the incredible power yoga can instill into the lives of its’ practitioners.