Robin Cohen, RYT-500

Her connection to yoga has been strong for as far back as Robin can remember.  Of course she didn’t call it yoga way back when, but her guiding life’s principles were definitely yogic in nature.  And when she grew a bit older, Robin discovered a book that provided a follow-along day-by-day program for asana and some yoga philosophy.  This became her “yoga studio,” and she followed the program for several years.

And then yoga grew more popular, and Robin was able to take an actual yoga class in a gym.  The sounds of clinking weights and booming music from the room next door were of no consequence to her.  Taking an existing class with others far outweighed any inconveniences.

Fast-forward a few years.  Robin was able to practice in a studio, and she savored the learning.  When she felt herself ready, she embarked upon teacher training and found for the first time in her life that she looked forward to reading, studying, and doing homework.  Taking the 500-hour certification training was a natural progression, and as before, Robin took pleasure in all of it.

Teaching has become a passion.  Robin preps for each of her classes by reading relevant texts and practicing the poses she will be presenting.  She loves the interactions with her students and looks forward to every class she teaches.

Robin’s belief is that everyone can benefit from the teachings of yoga, and she feels herself in a place right now where it is her dharma to offer these teachings to those who are ready.

Robin’s classes vary from week to week, and each is built around a particular focal point.  Students are guided through the poses and are encouraged to work up to their limits but not beyond.

Before yoga found me, I lived yogically without a name for my beliefs.  With the teachings of yoga now in my life, I find myself thirsting for more and more.  And sharing my knowledge and experiences with others is my dharma at this point in time.  Yoga has helped to define me, and my hope is that by sharing with others, they too will come closer to realizing their true Selves.