Gabrielle Semel, E-RYT-500, Owner

Just as the tracks for a train give it direction, stability, and guidance, such is the practice of yoga for Gabrielle.  Meeting Amy Pearce-Hayden in 2006 was pivotal in Gabrielle’s journey along the yogic path.   Amy’s guidance and instruction of yogic philosophy and a deep physical practice allowed Gabrielle to see why she was so drawn to the practice.  She developed an awareness of the body that years of athletics and a degree in an exercise-related field could not offer.  The idea of the physical body being a metaphor for the emotional body became so apparent.  As her physical practice deepened, she found not only physical release, but also the willingness to be more open emotionally–and the ability to be more comfortable with who she is.  Her gain in physical strength propelled an emotional strength that Gabrielle hadn’t even realized she was seeking.  Gabrielle enrolled in the 200-Hour Teacher Training Program at  The YogaScape in 2006, and four years later traveled the path of the 500-Hour Teacher Training with certification in 2011.  She sees these as truly life-altering experiences, which filled her toolbox with all she needs to find peace and happiness in everyday life–to stay connected to Spirit.  Gabrielle’s intention as a yoga teacher is to share her experience with others, and to remain open, so that through her expression others may discover something new about themselves.

“In leading a practice, my emphasis is on the breath experience, in relation to the posture the body assumes.  My classes are designed to build heat and/or awareness in the body in order to facilitate release.  With attention placed on specific muscular engagement, breath and energetic awareness, the intention of the practice is to nurture a relationship with the body and eventually the inner voice.
Yoga helps us to find our own intrinsic strength, wisdom, courage, and integrity…our True Being.  It is a lifestyle that fosters a curiosity, as well as perseverance towards freedom.”