Alma Pink, LMT, RYT, Owner

Alma’s journey began in the early 80’s in a small health club, Women’s World, in Elmsford, NY.  She learned to choreograph and teach aerobic classes, which is where she fell in love with teaching.  In the mid 80’s she joined a team of fitness instructors and The American Super Spa, a health club in Eastchester, NY.  There she learned respect for the human body and decided to advance her career by obtaining personal fitness training in 1988.  Alma then moved to working with clients in there homes in Scarsdale, NY, where her clients provided encouragement to broaden her business and pursue another career.  She became New York State licensed and nationally certified as a Massage Therapist in 1995.  One dear friend, Bonnie Katz, encouraged Alma to open a business in Eastchester merging both her fitness and massage practices, in turn creating a network of wonderful friends and clients.  In 1996 she started her first small business, The Exercise and Massage Studio.

Then in1999 everything changed; married, moved, and a mom.  For the next ten years Alma was the student, and life was the teacher.  Feeling the need to return to her career, Alma embarked on a journey of exploring yoga.  Witnessing the passion of the owner at The YogaScape, Amy Pearce-Hayden, brought together the body-mind-spirit connection for which Alma had been searching.  The desire to teach was reignited with the same passion Alma had remembered.  Upon completion of the 200-Hour certification course at The YogaScape in Carmel, NY in 2008, Alma felt renewed and ready to be doing what she loved again.  Now she merged with partners, Gabrielle Semel and Kate Petagine, teaching yoga and practicing massage therapy at Inner Balance Studio.  Here she loves to help her students on their own special inner journey.